Pressure Washing

Did you know that pressure washing areas around your home adds up to 10 percent to your home’s value? Mildew, dirt and pollen on vinyl siding gives homes a grungy look. Mildew, mold and moss on decks traps water causing the wood to slowly rot. In addition, they make a deck slippery creating the potential for injury to yourself, your family and guests. Kevin’s Home Maintenance has years of experience pressure washing home exteriors.

Many people are sensitive to mold and mildew spores. If seasonal allergies bother you, spores on your deck, sidewalk, siding and other outdoor areas are often to blame.

Kevin’s Home Maintenance will pressure wash your deck, house siding, sidewalks, driveways and patios. If your home has gutters, you should hire someone to spray them out once a year to prevent blockages that cause water to leak.

Another area homeowners often overlook is the roof. If mold, lichen or moss grow on a roof, they can cause the granular surface of a shingle to deteriorate. Power washing your roof removes stains and fungi, but done incorrectly it can damage the shingles. Kevin’s Home Maintenance knows the way to clean a roof without doing any harm. He’ll make your roof look like new.

Call Kevin’s Home Maintenance to find out how he can boost your home’s value, while removing mold and mildew from your outdoor living areas in little time.

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