Experts agree that your house must be painted every three or four years. Due to Vermont’s harsh weather extremes, painting the exterior of your home every two years is optimal. Cold winter temperatures and hot, humid summers cause wood siding and trim to expand and contract leading to cracks in the paint. You should inspect the weatherproofing around windows and doors every year and check the paint job at the same time.

A professional paint job on the exterior of your home is critical to your home’s longevity. If moisture reaches the wood, dry rot can occur. Dry rot must be replaced. In addition, insects often find their way into cracks causing incredible damage in little time. Hiring a professional is the best way to protect the exterior surfaces of your home and protect yourself from costly repair jobs down the line. Kevin’s Home Maintenance has years of experience painting Vermont homes, both inside and out, increasing the value and life of your home.

On new builds, many contractors use inexpensive paints to cut costs. Homeowners don’t realize that paint jobs with inexpensive paints rarely last more than a couple years. Purchasing a new home does not guarantee you’ll have a paint job that will last. Kevin will happily correct poorly done paint jobs.

The interior of your home is just as important as the exterior. Color coordinating your interior rooms adds value to your home. It’s also a great way to create soothing room d├ęcor. Many people are unaware of the effect colors have on your senses. For instance, psychologists find that painting a kitchen bright red or orange actually increases the appetite. Cooler colors, like blue, green and purple, help decrease the appetite and can help you keep your weight in check.

In the bathroom, inexperienced painters often use flat wall and ceiling paint. Because the bathroom is a high moisture area, flat paint should never be used. It actually encourages mildew growth. Kevin knows the best paints for the bathroom are semi-gloss or satins. He’ll help you eliminate mildew problems and make your bathroom look amazing.

Call Kevin’s Home Maintenance today. Kevin works with homeowners to create color palettes that enhance interior rooms. You can be subtle or bold with your color choices. Kevin’s Home Maintenance paints each room as if it were his own leaving no mess behind. Your rooms will look amazing and you’ll have nothing to do other than kick back and enjoy.

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