Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, don’t tackle plumbing jobs by yourself. Some people have no problem replacing a leaky faucet or drain, but most end up frustrated and call an emergency plumber for the highest possible rate. Don’t waste your money, call Kevin’s Home Maintenance for your plumbing jobs.

Kevin brings years of experience handling large and small plumbing jobs. Whether you need a pipe replaced or simply need a repair to a leaky drain, Kevin’s Home Maintenance gets the job done right the first time.

Over time, bacteria and minerals in water corrode your pipes. Pipes also wear if the pH of the water is too low, a common problem with well water. Kevin can replace worn pipes to prevent damage to your home.

According to the United States Geological Survey, one leaky faucet dripping at a rate of 60 drips per minute wastes 5 gallons of water per day. Protect the environment by having all dripping faucets repaired or replaced. Kevin’s Home Maintenance tells you if the faucet is repairable simply by replacing a worn washer or if you need the faucet to be replaced.

Hair, food and grease commonly cause blocks in drain pipes. Drain cleaners are harsh on pipes and harmful to the environment. Hire Kevin to unclog your drains so that they’re like new.

Kevin’s Home Maintenance handles your plumbing needs. Delaying a small repair job quickly becomes costly if you ignore it, so call today!

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