Interior Tile

Personalize your interior living spaces with customized tile work. Kevin’s Home Maintenance brings years of tile work to the table. He works closely with his customer to create a unique look that matches the room d├ęcor and customer’s aesthetic values. Whether you want a tile back-splash, floor or counter, Kevin ensures you love the final product.

While tile work doesn’t always increase a home’s value, a quality job will impress anyone entering your home. Be creative. Kevin wants customer’s input. His goal is to create the tile work of your dreams.

Tile flooring is simple to maintain. Simply sweep it every day or two to remove dust or dirt. A Swiffer generally does a great job getting every speck of dust. Every four or five years, you should reseal the tile to keep the water resistance in prime form. If you’re uncomfortable handling the sealants, Kevin’s Home Maintenance will do it for you.

Granite tile counter tops cost less than a granite counter. In some cases, the tile can be installed directly over the old counter top saving even more money. If you want to upgrade your kitchen but are short on money, this is the smart way to improve a kitchen’s value and look.

Kevin’s Home Maintenance handles any tile work you need. Call today for more information.

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