Engine Repair

Failing to perform annual maintenance on lawn mowers, riding tractors, snow blowers and other outdoor equipment is costly. Few homeowners really understand how to keep their small engine equipment running flawlessly. Kevin’s Home Maintenance handles all small engine maintenance and repair. He even handles automotive repairs.

On a small engine, you should check the oil level after every five hours of use. Oil must be changed at the beginning of every season or after 50 hours of use. Air filters should be changed after every 25 hours of use. Spark plugs and fuel filters need to be replaced every season. If you’re skipping these important tasks, you’re reducing the life of your equipment. Kevin will maintain your equipment for you to keep it running for decades.

If your equipment isn’t running or needs repairs, Kevin’s Home Maintenance can help. He has years of experience fixing broken equipment and replacing worn items like mower blades, belts and spark plugs. He’ll troubleshoot your problem and offer a solid plan to get your mower, snowblower or other equipment up and running in no time.

Don’t wait until your machine stops running! Call Kevin at Kevin’s Home Maintenance to discuss how he can keep your car, truck or small engine equipment up and running in top shape.

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