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According to the National Association of Home Builders, exterior doors can last a lifetime if they’re properly maintained, but fiberglass and vinyl doors generally require replacing every 20 years. Windows generally should be replaced after 30 years for wood or 20 years for aluminum or vinyl. Windows and doors require inspection and periodic repair to remain in proper working order.

You should ensure doors and windows are draft free. You can do this yourself by take a candle and move it slowly around your doors and windows. Any movement of the flame indicates you have a draft. During a cold Vermont winter, those small drafts ensure you are wasting money heating your home because much of your heat escapes through these drafty areas. Kevin’s Home Maintenance repairs and replaces doors and windows helping you to save hundreds of dollars per year.

Is your window failing to remain open? Don’t rush out to buy new windows. In many cases, it’s simply a case of a spring without the counter balance breaking. Usually this part costs less than $10 and is easily replaced. Save money by hiring Kevin’s Home Maintenance to fixing your windows so that they function perfectly.

Is your entryway darker than you’d like because the solid door keeps the sun out? Kevin can install well-insulated entry doors with glass panels that let in more light. He’s also happy to replace or repair sliding glass and French doors.

Kevin’s Home Maintenance is backed by years of experience and many satisfied customers. Call today for your door and window needs.

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