Deck Building

Living in Vermont exposes people to weather extremes, especially in the winter. Once spring arrives, you want to be outside enjoying the warmth of the sun. Adding a deck to your home not only provides you with a cozy outdoor living space, but it also adds value to your home. Kick back and enjoy sunrises and sunsets from an outdoor vantage point. Kevin’s Home Maintenance handles all of your decking needs.

Kevin comfortably works with many decking materials including wood and fabricated steel decking. Your design ideas can be outrageous or plain and simple. Kevin’s Home Maintenance works with you to create an outdoor living area you’ll love. If you have your own idea, let Kevin know. He’ll help you come up with material pricing, ensure the design stands up to the intended us and then build it to those specifications.

If you have an existing deck, Kevin can clean it, reseal it, stain it or repair warped or rotting boards. He’ll check the deck for any safety issues and take care of them before they cause an injury to you, your family or a guest.

Easily add square footage to your home with a spacious deck. Kevin’s Home Maintenance helps turn your dream into a reality. Call today for more information.

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