Carpeting, laminate, linoleum—all of these flooring types depreciate over time as they wear. Wood floors offer benefits many homeowners don’t realize. With proper maintenance a wood floor increases in value along with your home. Kevin of Kevin’s Home Maintenance specializes in wood floor installations, restoration and maintenance.

Wood floors require regular maintenance, and this doesn’t include sweeping. The finish of your wood floor must be inspected to prevent moisture damage. Furniture, high heels and pet claws harm the finish of wood floors. When this happens hardwood cleaners and refinishing processes are necessary to restore the shine and protective nature. Older homes often require proper cleaning and refinishing to restore the former glory of the wood floor.

If you’re interested in wood flooring, Kevin’s Home Maintenance has years of experience installing new floors. Replace your carpeting with a gleaming wood floor. Carpeting captures dust mites, pollen and mold spores aggravating allergies. Carpeting also traps pet and cooking odors making it hard to keep your home smelling fresh. Wood floors are environmentally friendly and eliminate troublesome allergens.

Call Kevin’s Home Maintenance and discuss how you can increase your home’s value with a natural wood floor. He’ll help you choose the best wood for your home and professionally install it leaving you to simply sit back and enjoy the numerous benefits.

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